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Nichole Seibel & Patrick Storey

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Nichole Seibel and Patrick Storey! And we are a couple of proud dog parents to two crazy doggos named Beau, a golden retriever, and our newest member of the family, Daisy, who's a black lab! I, Nichole, am a Registered Respiratory Therapist at the University of Kansas Hospital and Patrick is part time National Guard and full time Fabrication Specialist at Hanger National labs. We have been together almost two years and we have a sweet little house in Mission that we've spent the last year making our home. Now we'll tell you a little about each of us.

Hey, Patrick here! I grew up and graduated from Louisburg in 2013 and have an extra soft spot for my hometown and all the people in it. The majority of my friends and family still reside there and we always look forward to making the drive down as often as we can to enjoy the great small town that Louisburg is. Before Nichole and I met, I spent 4 years active duty in the United States Air Force, where I was stationed in Virginia and Texas while also deploying overseas to the country of United Arab Emirates, and another temporary deployment in Alaska. After 4 years, I decided to return home by joining the National Guard in Topeka where I have continued to serve for the last 3 years. After moving back I needed to still find a full time job. That's when I stumbled upon Hanger National Labs where they build custom prosthetic limbs and orthotic braces. I quickly knew this was for me especially after having a close friend lose his leg in the service with me, also knowing how hard it can be for amputees, and knowing here I can make a difference in those peoples lives, and now I have been working there for almost 3 years! 

Nichole back! While Patrick was coming home and finding his place I was beginning my career at KU as a Respiratory Therapist. I am originally from Holcomb, KS which if you don't know where that is that is absolutely okay because it can be also known as the middle of nowhere...(it's actually southwest kansas but close enough). I attended Seward County Community College and enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy Program where I realized I loved helping people.  After graduation, I moved to the big city by myself and was TERRIFIED, but eventually I settled in and began making my way through the ranks at the hospital. 

Patrick's and my love story began the untraditional way that one day people are probably going to find it not so strange.. online! You betcha -we swiped right on each other! We chatted for a couple days before he finally asked me for a drink to which I can honestly say I almost didn't go because I was so nervous. But man, I am sure glad I walked into that bar that night. Patrick greeted me with a huge warm hug. As I said "hi" he stretched out his arms so quick I wasn't sure what was happening. We sat and talked for hours, so long actually our waiter practically begged us to tab out so he could go home, whoops! Conversation was effortless with Patrick and it was apparent pretty early on that Patrick was the real deal.


Unfortunately, 4 months after our relationship began and only 1 month after we had decided to take the leap to move in together, COVID-19 shut down the world around us and revved up things at the hospital. I'm a part of Team 6 at KU, which consists of taking care of patients in the Medical ICU, the Transplant ICU, and the Med-Surg ICU which is now the COVID ICU. I took care of one the very first ICU patient's who contracted COVID and was put on the ventilator and I had no idea what the future had in store for us. From March 2020 to December 2020, I took the COVID ICU almost every night I worked. To say I was stressed, sad, and depressed was an understatement. My Dad also got very sick at this time, and when I say Patrick is the only thing that got me through those things, I mean it. Patrick is honestly the most loyal, passionate, and consistent man I have ever met. If he doesn't know what to say he shows what he wants to say. Whether it be a warm hug, a surprise dinner, or just showing up with a bottle of wine. He cares deeply about his friends and family and is the prime example of someone literally just being one phone call away. When it comes to men, he's one of the unicorns.

Patrick again! I could say the same for Nichole. I would want people to know how much she always puts others before herself. She could literally have the last bundle of toilet paper from Sam's Club, and she'd STILL give it to someone else just to help them (and we all know how valuable that stuff was)! But she's also pushed and made me into a better person every day we've been together, and I can honestly say life with her has made me the happiest I've ever been.


Now a little about what we enjoy doing together. When Patrick and I aren't working we spend our time doing DIY projects to our house, spending time with our dogs, and sitting out on our deck. We also love a good date to Jose Peppers! While we haven't had an official proposal yet but we have committed ourselves to each other and can't wait for that special moment to come. 


Patrick and I would love to have our wedding at your venue because where we get married is very important to us. We want our venue to have a special meaning and you're basically in his Grandma's backyard! Where he spent a lot of his time as a kid playing in the fields and helping his Papa with the garden. This venue would allow both our families to come together and celebrate us the way they'd always hoped they'd be able to. Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about us as a couple.



The Future Mr. and Mrs. Storey

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